Special Thanks

The City of Columbia would like to express thanks and recognition to the following individuals/organizations for their special contributions to the trail development:

The Oerter Foundation and Board of Directors, for their generous financial contribution to fund the recasting of the two “Corporation Line” signs.

Aldermen Mary Ellen Niemietz, for her long term support and push for the development of the trail at the City Council level.

Former Alderman Gene Ebersohl, for his long term support of the trail while on the City Council and his assistance in obtaining used railroad signals for the trail. 

Resident Daniel Strabley, for his technical work creating the columbiatrail.net website and for keeping it up to date.

Lifelong resident Joe Sander, for his vision and work in returning the railroad signage and signals to the trail, wording and photos for the website, his work and coordination of the team who rebuilt the trestle at Quarry Road, and his financial contributions to trail projects. 

No Thanks

Special “no thanks” to Alderman Martens and City Engineer Smith for their lack of appreciation shown to the volunteers who have made our trail special.